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I7 9700k Oc Not Stable

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New Member
Nov 26, 2019
Hello everybody. So, recently, i've ugraded most of my components from my PC. So, i have a new i7 9700k with a Scythe Ninja 4, Gigabyte Aorus Pro motherboard, gtx 1080ti, PSU Corsair 750W, a samsung ssd 1TB Nvme, 16 gb ddr4 2400Mhz only, all together in a NZXT Case, with good cable management. I have the latest BIOS update. I am playing games in 1440p 144hz.
Ok, so i tried to overclock the CPU. And i started, first, by changing some of the settings from BIOS, after reading some oc guides, like this:
Enhanced Multi-Core Performance - disabled
AVX Offset - auto
SVID offset - disabled
VT-d -disabled
Intel Speed Shift Technology - disabled
Ring to core offset (down bin) - disabled
CPU EIST Function - disabled
Voltage Optimization - disabled
Intel Turbo Bost - disabled
Active Turbo Ratios - disabled
C-States Control - all disabled
CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration - Turbo (it has also, extreme and super extreme options)
I also have this, by default like that:
CPU Internal AC/DC Load Line - Auto
CPU Base Clock - Auto - meaning 100.00Mhz
Ring Ratio - Auto - meaning 43 (uncore ratio)
IGP Ratio - Auto - meaning 30.00
Then, i started slow, with 4.8ghz and 1.26V, all good in prime95 26.6, stable after 1 hour, and good temperatures, 90 celsius degrees on 2 cores maximum, but, when i started gaming, i got different blue screens, until i reached 1.30V, by increasing with 0.01V, step by step, and the temperatures were max 75 celsius degrees, but still, it's not stable, neither at 1.30V.
Then, i tried with 4.9ghz, starting from 1.31V, again, all good in prime95 26.6, stable, no bluescreens or freezes, temperatures around 95 celsius degrees on few cores, but, again, when i started gaming, it showed again bluescreens, until i reached 1.35V, and, again, temperatures were max 78 celsius degrees, but average around 75, and still, it's not stable, either at 1.35V.
I tried first Fifa 20 and CS:GO, and it appeared to be ok, but after those 2 were stable, i played Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and i can't play it stable atm, i get bluescreens after 15-30 minutes of playing. In fifa20 or csgo, at [email protected] or [email protected], at least, after 1-2 hours, i didn't received any bluescreens.
I want to mention, that, i tried to put the uncore ratio to 46(manual), and i got some desktop random freezing, so i let it un auto aswell.
Is it really so hard to get it stable, or i am doing something wrong? On my last i7 7700k, i didn't had some many issues by making it stable, but this one, i am a little bit out of ideas, because in my oppinion, for daily usage, 4.9ghz @1.36V or more is a little bit risky, and maybe there is something else to change so i can make it stable.
I am here for more informations, if you need me and if you can please help me with some advices, i appreciate it. Thank you
You disabled a bunch of stuff in bios having to do with power management that I would leave on auto. I would put everything back to default and manipulate on the core frequency and core voltage. Make sure the overclock is set to apply to all cores. At some point you may want to manually limit cache ratio but leave that alone at first. It tends to poop out before the cores when going for max overclocks. I might also set LLC manually to next to highest level.