i9 10900k OC

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Oct 14, 2008
Does the below look ok/safe for 24/7 OC, I will be gaming mostly and the temp never go past low 70's. I'm more concerned/confused about the Vcore, i have set 1.38 Vcore in the bios for 5.2Ghz, cache ratio 49, LLC 6 and all is stable. I will also be deliding the CPU to try drop 5-10C.

FYI, i am running dual 420 rads and a single D5 pump with a 3090FE in the loop.

I'm most confused between VCORE and VID #0-9, which one shows the actual voltage the CPU is receiving?



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Oct 11, 2002
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Intel thermal velocity boost temp is 70c, T-junction is 100c. So long as you keep temps below that, you're fine. If you have your voltage set to 1.38v, then I see nothing wrong with that. That's pretty nominal for that clock speed. Maybe try lowering voltage. I had my 7700K @ 5.0Ghz with 1.32v for daily driving. Doesn't your board have proggy to monitor those?

I'm on AMD now so maybe someone else with a 10900k will chime in.


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Dec 19, 2012
If that pic was taken under load then it looks like the VID is showing the voltage LLC6 might be slightly overvolting. Everything looks OK from this end and not sure if you know but the 10900K IHS is soldered on not that easy to pop the lids of these ones.


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Oct 20, 2021
Prime 95 large FFT's the only way to get it stable. I tried everything else. With the cache being too high you will error at some point. It took 6+ hours to reach the large fft it would error with. The core is easier to get stable. Small fft's do a full loop in approx. 1 hour and 30 mins. You need to do this for both SSE and AVX/FM3. I found that getting SSE stable did not mean FM3 was stable. Getting FM3 stable is all vcore voltage. Also you have to limit the power draw and get the LLC right. I found that at a power draw of 280-300 watts and a LLC of 6 (changing to 7 or 8 means the overclock unstable). 5.2GHz SSE and 5.1GHz FM3 APPEARED stable. The power limit means that you can run Cinebench etc and get full performance but once you run prime 95 small fft's the CPU will down clock and keep temps around 85c (you can pick the power draw this happens at). You dont want 100c temps on the CPU or 110c temps on the VRMs. Always check your VRMs under full Prime95 small fft load.

The better the sample the lower the power draw because you can reduce the vcore. Getting the vcore as low as possible is the goal. My 10900k can get to 280 watts power draw at 5GHz but needs more vcore to become 100% stable (leading to 300 watts power draw at 4.9Ghz FM3). My sample needs a lot more vcore to reach 5.1GHz FM3. The issue with 5.1GHz SSE and 5 GHz FM3 is that the increase in vcore to reach SEE 5.1GHz increases the power draw and cooling requirements for 5GHz AVX. This means that at some point increasing any clocks both SEE or FM3 will lead to 100c cpu temps in prime95 small fft for FM3. Even with decent custom water cooling.

With a power limit of say 270-300 watts, you can keep both the VRMs and CPU temps under control. The issue is getting it stable. Thus you can push higher vcore values without insane temps on the CPU and VRMs.

Thus you aim to limit power draw, so you dont pull 350 watts under prime95 small ffts FM3. Yes this will mean that the cpu will down clock but for most other loads the cpu will not down clock. This includes gaming loads. I then stress test in Aida64 FPU test. It will draw upto 280 watts. Prime 95 large ffts dont draw as much power as small ffts. You need to run this for 8 hours at least. I have got errors at 6+ hours. Fixed by increasing vccio to 1.15volts and reducing Cache to 44. I have yet to finish testing.

With stress testing SSE the power draw is far lower. Most games use SSE and you can cool 5.2GHz SSE without trouble with decent custom water cooling. I just dont see 300+ watt loads in prime95 for SSE.

Hopefully this helps. You dont have to just set power draw to 4095 and leave it.