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I9 12900ks Temps

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Jul 2, 2022
Hi guys! So I have some tempratures problems with my I9 12900KS, MOB: ASUS ROG Z690 F GAMING WIFI and COOLER: Corsair iCUE H170i Elite LCD. I am getting in Aida 64 when I run the stability test temperatures around 90-95. Can you please give me some advice if the cooler is alright, do I need to change something in BIOS? It can be a problem with the CPU from the factory? I really dont know what it s causing those temperatures. In IDLE the CPU is around 35-42. Thanks in advance
So it s normal if I am getting CPU throttling - overheating detected (in AIDA 64 default settings)? + Hardware failure after some minutes. Also in Event viewer I have this warnings: Event 219 kernel-pnp, Event 37 kernel-processor-power, Event 17 WHEA-logger? I have PSU: Corsair HX 1200W
Hardware failures, no... but that wasn't mentioned in the first post... the plot thickens, lol. What memory do you have, exactly and what is it set at? Are you using the latest BIOS for your board?

But yes, most Z690/B660 motherboards when stress testing using default options in AIDA64 will throttle Alder Lake processors due to CPU temps. That said, AIDA seems to report throttling when there isn't any... the CPU should throttle at 100C and I've seen it say throttling when not reaching it (no other application reports throttling).

How old is that PSU? It's PLENTY of power (likely 2x overkill)... if it's working properly.
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I just built the PC it is like 1 week old. Memory I have G-Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39-102 1.40V 32GB (2x16GB), using XMP 1 (because on XMP 2 i get blue screen in memtest 64). Yeap latest BIOS version 1505. btw i got that PSU because i have a 3090 ti xD. And how about those warnings, any idea what is causing them?
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No idea about the warnings without looking them up too. Offhand......try running the stress test with the sticks set to default (4800). 6400 is the top end of what is 'plug and play' so it may be a memory thing causing the failures. If it works, then the memory is the issue.

It's odd that XMP2 fails which, IIRC, is generally more a compatibility XMP setting...(@Woomack - is that correct?).
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So to set back to default should I just load the default settings in BIOS? And about these warnings they are so annoying because I tried to reed about them but I dont have a clue what is causing them.
Maybe. Like I said, 6400 is at the very top of 'it just works'. 6000-6200... generally, memory does 'just work'. Aboev that it depends on the board and BIOS. You can always return that RAM for something that works better with the board... 6000/CL30 or something...
UPDATE: I just changed the position of my cooler + I applied another thermal paste + Updated the last BIOS (was released today) -> from 95 temps to 86 -> AIDA 64 no hardware failure after 20 mins of stability test on default settings (until today I got hardware failure at MAX 9 min of testing) + no memory problems on either profiles. Idk what just happened but it s good lol
oh boy, does this mean that DDR5 CPUs will need a default thicker CPU Backplane? i remember installing new backplanes for Nevermore because the huge cooler was too heavy for the default one on the motherboard. but then the new crosshair vii extreme motherboard came with a better backplane already installed. these new DDR5-era CPUs are a lot bigger though. so with increased torque on the screws, it makes sense for more sturdy backplanes. just one more thing for me to look at next time i go PC parts shopping...