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Ian Murdock passed away

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Man it looks like something went horribly wrong there at the end be interesting to see if we ever get the whole picture.
Shocking? Not really. He had a few odd ball crazy spells, this one is a lot odder then the ones he had in the past. Or at least from what I told back when I was on the Ubuntu dev team a few years back. What I was told that was true and not I have no clue.
But, I don't like this, it reeks of persecution, like it's Ferguson, Missouri!

Captain! I'm detecting life on the planet below. It would seem to be a butt hurt college teen.

From what I was told he went off the deep end a few times in the past but it was kept quiet and only those that knew him or knew someone that knew were told. Once more I don't know if that is true. Just what I was told. Anyway most Linux devs and founders tend to be abit off to begin with. How I see it is that he got drunk and tried to brake into a home and the cops showed up and got into a fight with them and was arrested, being out on bail he could not cope with the idea of going to jail or able to cope with what was going on in His life so he ended up killing himself. His Twitter posts are typical of some one that's about to commit suicide. Still a grate loss non the less.
I don't see any 'conspiracy', just a man that who felt that life's events were no longer worth living for.

Sad. RIP Ian.