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IBM Harddrives, Still a disaster zone, Or what?

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Aug 18, 2002
Actually, Dont know.. Not going to get a Western Digital drive.. Thats for sure... Not getting a fujitsu drive, So from the leading brands there is not much more left then IBM, Maxtor and Seagate.

Now, IBM have had troubles, Do they still? The "big problems" was GXP60/75 if i remeber right...

Seagate allways been a little slower, more noice, but very stable...
Still true? (last time i got my self a new seagate i got 8 10Gb scsi drives, for raid... not so slow, still noice..)

Maxtor, Hhum.. From my experiens they are hot.. But thats about all i know...

So.. Now you all dudes and dudets. What drive should i get if im going for 120 -180 Gb drive... Preferably with a reason for why...

Thanks :- )
In my Area, the Maxtor D740X series got the best prices to date and get overall good performance with the quickest drive responce times to date (8ms). If your gonna be burning DVDs and so forth down the road, get a drive with quick responce times.

1. The Maxtor D740X series is NOT a good drive in this case, I need no less then 120Gb..
2. The drives will be in a working enviroment, With a 2.53 Ghz P4 and so on. The drives needed is not the fastest in the world, But i need solid drives, Or simply opinions on why a serie of drives sux, Like the rumor about fluid bearings wearing out on IBM drives, Is it true?

Offcourse, A drive needs speed. But the fastest drive on the market? Nah.. Going mirror/stripe so i should be ok on speed anyway...

Thanks for a FAST reply tho :- )
My favorites are Fujitsu and Seagate. I still see Maxtors with a high failure rate.
IBM is in the process of selling out to Hitachi.
Saty away from from IBM, they have not fixed the problems, since I'm pretty sure they stopped making drives a few months ago . Also like ridenow said, Hitachi is close to getting everything, so you won't have any tech support if something goes wrong.
cack01 said:
Saty away from from IBM, they have not fixed the problems, since I'm pretty sure they stopped making drives a few months ago .

not fixed problems? do you have any proof at all?
The 120gxp series have had a very low failure rate, and have been out for a year.
Johnny Knoxville said:

not fixed problems? do you have any proof at all?
The 120gxp series have had a very low failure rate, and have been out for a year.

He He you caught me. I was just guessing since I'm assuming when they annouced that they would stop making harddrives, they would stop improving them.
Seagate is a solid drive. You can't hear it. (I believe it's the quietest drive on the market) And the performance is not that bad...
One crucial thing for you. The Seagate Barracuda IV CAN NOT do RAID... I don't know about the Cuda V
75/60GXP series are pretty obviously flawed IMHO. Interestingly, many people (including me) report receiving refurb 120GXP's in return for RMA'd 60GXP drives... I wonder where all those damaged 120's come from...
The myth about the perfect hard drive must die here and now ..
I do not trust any brand because of the name of it , and i handle the issue with the hard drives ,as i do with any other part .

The only thing that some one could do is to have double drives, by this way you are protected from data loss .
Also one good data synchronization software is a big help , plus by taking in monthly base one image of your OS partition with the Norton Ghost , it helps to be prepared ..

Do not think what the hard drive makers will do for you !!!
Just think what you should do to protect your data !!!
The 120 GXP is a solid drive, I have 4 of them I plan to use in an upcoming RAID 5 for storage, and a friend has had one for a while now.

However, the 120GXP is being phased out by the 180 GXP. The high-end drives in this line (180 GB) will have fluid bearings and an 8 MB cache, and are rumored to possibly outperform WD SEs :). Id say wait until this comes out, and pick up a couple :D
Hard disks

IBM are selling out to hitachi as i well know as 4 of my 30gig jobs have been away for 2 months!

And bearing failure is to blame as told to me by ibm.

I shall now on go for western digital across the board for my company as in testing there are proven to be best fastest and most reliable...im runnin 10 of them now.

maxtor: forget it,slow and hot
Seagate: Unreliable and poor returns policy

Go for an 8mb cache version the speed is top and not far off my scsi setups..
Hitachi rock, they are a japanese company what can go wrong? ;)
I will never again buy Eastern Digital, i've always believed that they have a high failture rate, and have experienced that too.
I agree with you though Seagate are unreliable, and their performance sucks compared to others.
WEll, I never had a "unreliable" Seagate, But yes.. They are slow..
Comes with there policy to make stable drives, This might changed, But they once had a spokes man say that they make use of "older well proven tech's when others are making new faster ones, To make sure the buyer gets maximum data storage security, Then some slight speed could be sacraficed" (or something, I dont have the tape...)
You know what? I agre, f i know my drive will work flawless no matter what, Then i actually could take 0,5 ms more in search time on the drive... Somewhat slower transfer speeds... I dont think i will see it while downloading anything, Or when playing MP3's.. Or playing mechwarriors... So that i could live with...

Really, What is the rumors, What drives are BAD (of the new drives please) and WHY are they bad... I heard the fluid bearings on IBM wear out to easy, Or rather, sit out, As in wont take long times of no use good...

Stuff like that, And more.. Trying to get something going :- )