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IC7 and 512Mb of Corsair or 3.066HT

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Oct 16, 2002
HI Evrybodee!

I'm in a dillema, I'm trying to decide on my next upgrade.

I currently have a 3.0@168 (2.4b), 512MB Corsair 3200 @ 168 2-5-2-2, and Innovatek Watercooling :D this is all on the original Abit IT7. The northbridge gets so hot to the touch it seems like its about to melt the heat sink:eek:.

So Im trying to decide what to get now. Should I get the P4 3.066HT chip and OC as far as it can go, or go for the IC7 and get another 512 stick of Corsair Memory?

Right now with my setup I'm already getting 16K+ in 3DMARK01 and 5K+ in 3DMAKR03.

I dunno, I read so many threads on this forum that my eye sockets hurt :-/ and I still can't decide.

I'v seen mica having some great results with his IC7 but my CPU I think is at its limit. I'm wondering if the 200FSB would work in my IT7?

Anywhoo, guys, I'v allways trusted your opinions and you never steered me wrong.

Take Care, and thanks in advance for the any advice.


i would say go for the second option, IC7 and another 512 Corsair Memory.

1. with another stick of ram & your current ram on IC7, u can run dual channel.
2. u might be getting better o/c result with your current processor on IC7.
3. instead of getting p4 3.06, get the IC7 first for future upgrade to new d1 stepping p4 3.0.
4. amt of item for first option, 1. amt of item for second option, 2. :p :p
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It depends largely on your hunger for power, but I would wait until you can afford a new mainboard, ram and a new CPU. That will at least boost system performance a little bit more.
Ok, prices


The price for a new 3.066HT from googlegear.com is $377.50

For 512Corsair -104.00
and IC7G -239.00

With the 3.066 I could get around 3.5 at least and finally have HT, with the IC7 and 4 phase power I might be able to push my 2.4b a little more but the thing is already running @ 1.75V and thats with water cooling, I couldnt push it past 2996 with Air.

So the IC7G and 512 will give a bigger performance boost or the 3.066 with HT, or could I maybe stuff a 2.8 or 3.00 /800 chip in my current MOBO? Has anyone stuffed a 800FSB into the old IT7s?

Thanks guys,

Running one of the 800 bus CPUs in your current mobo might be a hit or miss deal. Buying a 3.06 CPU don't make much sense when some of the later 2.4B CPUs are overclocking about as much as the 3.06 for a fraction of the price. My advice is to get the IC7 mobo and RAM. Then save up some cash for when the 800 bus CPUs are more available and cheaper in a month or two. That way you have an excellent upgrade path.
I was also undecided with a similiar decision. I decided to sell off my older (1 year) P4 2.4a w/TH7II and replace it with a Abit IC7 and a new 2.4b. My reason was as Batboy mentioned the MB will alllow for a later upgrade.
By the way Batboy if you noticed i said i am going to DDR! Not much of a choice though.

With my current Corsair Its not the LL stuff just the ol, 3200 series from about October 2002.

If I get the IC7 and another stick of Corsair and then in the future upgrade the CPU to something along the lines of a 2.8 or 3.00 / 800. What can I push the system to? With 250FSB and a 4:3 divider I'll have 100Bus and 400DDR, is this possible or am I dreaming? The most I have my corsair running at now is 444 with 2-6-3-3 timings @ 2.8V.

Peace out,

I recommend gettiing the IC7-G and the 512Mb stick of ram simply because your upgrade path will be better, like everyone says. Thats exactly what i'm doing. I'm gonna keep my 2.4b now and wait it out till theirs a CPU that will easily go past 4Ghz.

I see no sense in side stepping an upgrade with a 2.4C when you already have a 2.4b. Wait for faster chips!