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IC7 max3 oc'ing problem, pls help

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New Member
Apr 21, 2003
ok, i just upgraded my stuff today, i picked a 2.4c, the max3 mobo, and an additional 512 of xms twinx 3200.

the problem i'm having is this, if i go with any other than a 220fsb after post my screen just stays blank, (from what i can tell it posts succesfully) any ideas as to what would cause this?

addt'l info: ram timings are spd, divider has been tried at 3:2,5:4, and 1:1, agp freq is fixed, tried the mem voltage at 2.6,2.7,and 2.8

my vcard is a visiontek 9800 pro, and i'm using a dd maze w/c setup


Jun 20, 2003
I am at 237 fsb with pc3200 ram and a 3.0c

think you need better ram or set everything to default and fixed ratios
voltage cpu 1.65
vdimm 2.85

maybe your cpu sucks dont know