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Has any one heard of an ice pack or something like that for cpu cooling, apparently it operates similar to a peltier. I was at a computer shop a few days ago looking for some additional cooling gadgets and the chap in the store mentioned an ice pack....don't know really what it is, but maybe some one out there could help out.
PIII 800E @ 900
have pushed it to 1069,but not stable at 133fsb...hence, looking for some extra cooling.Currently only standard heatsink and fan.
The only thing I've seen lately was a Finnish site where a guy used dry ice in a self-constructed box to cool his TBird. Needless to say, condensation, along with frost, was a big problem.
Thanks for the reply Stool, i may have gotten the heading for this topic wrong, should be "Ice Cap"
any way, i have spoken to some tech guys over her in South Africa and they say they've seen this ice cap gadget, apparently it's looks like a heatsink with thin tubes around it.The tubes are filled with some sort of gas. The unit then plugs into the power supply and well not too sure how the thing works, but sounds like a mini fridge or something. I have got a computer shop looking around for one of these units,the chap says he had one in stock about four months ago and he's now trying to locate one for me.
You know, trying to get hold of Peltiers and similar units for cooling CPU's in this country is a real problem.
Anyhow, thanks again for the reply
Best regards