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IDE Performance and Q's on KR7aRaid, heeelp me

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Feb 2, 2002
I have recently upgraded to a KR7a Raid and a 7200rpm HD. I got the HD first and on my old KG7 it benchmarked under sisoft at 21mb/s average. On my KR7a at the moment it is running 15mb/s. I am using it as a single (wd300bb) with the jumper set in neutral. It is on IDE1 and in mode5(ata100). This is severely bottlenecking my system and I hope someone can help me out with how to fix this.

Another thing that I was having trouble with is my two CD drives. The Ricoh drive is running in at ata33 and the DVD at ata66. they are not sharing a cable, and are both set to master. I looked in the bios and couldn't find anything to change this. Is this a drive setting perhaps? If anyone could offer advice on either of these two perdickerments, I would greatly appreciate it.

Nic Spitulski
The only thing that could happen is that you are using IDE33 cables other than that would be a hardware problem Try to get some new cables ata 100. Sorry i can't help you more. By the way try to set those drives in CS (cable select)