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Idea for Program

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Aug 18, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Anyone know of a Console program a beginner in C++ could write? I have made a Resistor Calculator but need another little project to keep me goin :). Any ideas are helpful!
Then possibly a phone book. Or since your 16 possibly a program tht calculates how long it takes to drive somewhere. Rate * Time = Distance. Although that program will only be a few lines long, you could make it more complex to figure in if you hit X amount of red lights, or traffic.
cool, good idea. Ill do the distance one first. Then maybe ill try to learn to make a program that will save the info the user put it for when the program is executed again, so the Phonebook will work lol. Thank you again for reply :)
If you want a hard one, then make a Roman numeral calculator that does addition until M. Like VII + XLIX = LVI ... i think thats right.
how about a modular calculator. Have a basic core that allows for the basic operations to be handled, then expand the calculator in a modular way. I'll explain.

You could add a Trig module that consisted of all of the Trigonemetric functions and formulas to be added to the calculator. The modules could be dynamicly set through a configuration window.

Other modules would be added to allow for more and more functions. This way your calculator is easily upgradable, and with a sufficient base calculator, and well planned API, you could easily create any number of modules. As well as have people create and share their own.

Another bonus with modules. The whole program is not stuck as one single program, it can be as small as the core itself, or packed with dozens of modules. It would also make development faster, as there would be less to compile.

Now that i think about it, i might just try this one myself. But i think i'll talk a different choice in language. I like how PHP sounds, a web based calculator that can do any number of things. It'll be touch, but definetly sweet.

You should try in C++ too. It could be tough if your a little new, but start small and grow. Make a calculator than can work identicle to your 10 dollary calculator. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and maybe those Memory buttons you almost never used. I made one in Java as my first java app. It's a cool thing to make.

Good Luck
Talk to your friends and family. Your parents probably know at least one person who spends time doing something that a computer could do in seconds. Know anyone who runs their own buisness? They would probably love to have some software that could keep track of inventory, print receipts, calculate change, keep track of money in the cash box (providing they don't have a cash register). Sure software like this can be purhcased, but a lot of small buisnesses don't have the money to spend on software, or the ambition to find software that meets their needs.

Real world projects are the best to learn on, and it's a real moral booster to know that your program is actually being used.
I second the phone book suggestion, I knocked that one out in no time when I was starting out. Then I moved on to encryption, simple text games, and then graphics. Good Luck
Hey, if you like Bruce Lee, you can write a program, that stores counts of the exercises you do every day and than makes a graphic, so that you can compare your results....
Sounds better than writing traffic control program, of course Bill Gates started with this, but .. he has made it already... :)
I would personally gear for something that includes file I/O. That will provide you with a wealth of experience.

I learned a lot by creating a gas mileage calculator and logger. Had to create file I/O, sort data, create (console) user interfaces, help functions, data entry prompts, and the like.

But the rest have a common theme that is worth heeding: talk to your family and friends and choose something that would be useful to you. With a useful, functional goal in mind, you'll end up learning a lot to make it work. :)

-- Paul
On the calculator front, a program that can handle reverse polish notation is an interesting project that's not too terrible. You will most likely need to learn about stacks to do it. To make it more intersting, you could display the results with standard notation.
I am building the damn address/phone book in java, and using a db to store the info...

too easy, give me harder stuff!!!!! :D

i would like a work out one too

i saw one once that helped you memorize the digits after pi

or mabey one that would caculate your clocks inacuracys and then correct them
How about a Java download manager? Ive made a few in javascript but not enough power....no external api calls. Or something in C/C++ that interfaces with ASP?
Much information is given on these calls but I can provide further links.
The best idea, if you're really looking for a challenge, is to just plain think of something you *need*. Maybe you've got a serial lcd, and the software you are using for it is a little corny and doesn't do quite what you want. So, write your own.

See if you can think of something you want/need, not just an artificial exercise. You'll end up having more impetus to do it, and it will probably be more challenging and educational.