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Idea for those who want to compete with the big boys.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This is NOT a new idea but it is worth bringing up. If you can't produce 30 + million ppd but would like to, you could create a sub team with other teammates. Create a new user name that fits your new formed group. The "OC Ocer's" for example or the "Don's the best" or whatever. Everyone that you recruited folds under that name with the bonus key thing and together you can via for a top spot on the team. Keep the team 32 but collaborate on the rest.

As a history lesson (Listen up kids). This is how the Chimp Challenge started. Several teams had sub teams with various monkey names. Those sub teams decided to have a race to produce points. That race got bigger and bigger until it didn't. The point being that this idea of sub teams is not new.

So get creative and make this fun. Folding does good things for science so we might as well enjoy it as we do it. (Hu hu hu hu... he said "do it".)
It was a Chimp Challenge in 2013 that got me started folding for team 32. Still chuggin' along after 9 years. Who knows, a long overdue in-house challenge may bring some new folders or inspire some to start it back up. :)