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Idea for Universal Remote for PC Programs

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Jul 14, 2002
I know that certain TV Tuner cards and other some other multimedia PC hardware come with remotes. I also know that you can buy remotes for certain software programs such as PowerDVD. What about a universal remote for the PC? Here's my idea:

A fully-functional remote with all standard functions for dvd playback (rewind, ff, pause, volume, etc.) and for music playback (ff, rewind, skip, random play, shuffle, volume, etc.)

This remote would come with an infrared or rf usb connector.

A software program for the remote would allow the remote to communicate with all software programs that support it's universal standard (Power DVD, WinDVD, Winamp, Foobar, Windows Media Player, BSPlayer)

Because if I buy a remote for PowerDVD, it will only work for PowerDVD and I'm stuck with that program. With this remote, I can use whichever programs I want for media, PowerDVD for DVD's, BSplayer for media files, andbar for mp3s.

P.S: Ths remote will cost <$40.

So what do you think of it?
Will it ever be a reality?
Any addtional suggestions for features to be implemented are greatly appreciated.
Also if anything isn't clear, ask for clarification regarding what it means.



Feb 27, 2003
good i dea i will patent the idea immediatly and start production soon thanks :) oh i will send u a couple bucks, out of my first million, for coming up with the idea.

um yeah scratch that what that guy below me said
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Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
Man such a remote already exists, it's called ATI's Remote Wonder. It is an rf remote and through the use of plugins you can control anything and everything with it. ATI also gives you the option of downloading thier sdk for the remote so that you can make your own plugins if you can't find the one you need. The remote also functions as a mouse aswell. I own one and I use it mainly for powerdvd and winamp, and when I'm feeling lazy it lets me browse the web from my bed. The only downside is price, it cost me $80 CDN.


May 8, 2004
What about MS's "XP Media Edition" with the Remote?

I for one would just like my Logitec wireless MX Duo Keyboard's VOLUME knob to be assignable to my Audiophile 2496 Soundcard! SOOOOOOOOO frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be "remote enough" for me... I'm stuck with Mouse volume control for now :(

Latr :cool: