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idea from Gemini reservoir/radiator...

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Apr 1, 2002
Hey all,

I was looking at Gemini Cooling site and the reservoir is pretty innovative.

What do y'all thing of building an acrylic tube vertical reservoir with several vertical copper pipes going through the res just like Gemini's?

Then you could put a very quiet 80mm fan at the bottom blowing air up into the pipes and since hot air rises, it would not only be a cool res but also cool the water a little without having the evaporative effect of a bong.

Your thoughts?
there you go

Here is the link to the water res on Gemini's site:

Gemini water tank

So basically what I thought about is incorporating this idea with the vertical acrylic "cool-looking" reservoir idea and since it's vertical the heat is evacuated faster.

Would it work?
okay, not that anyone really cares but I think I will give this project a go.

I am going to go buy some acrylic cylinder plus misc pieces and build the normal external reservoir as seen here:


My idea is to run copper tubes in vertical in a ring inside the reservoir and put a 80mm fan at the bottom blowing air up inside the tubes and out on top.

I will also experiment with setting up a water vortex in the cylinder in the middle of the ring of copper tubes so that turbulence will happen creating more heat transfer.

Wish me luck and please share thoughts if you have any.
Sounds like a neat project to me. The swirling water would help the heat transfer even more, though it'd be hard to see with the tubes in there too. But seeing, I guess, isn't half as important as the temp transfer is though.
Polish the copper tubing well to really set off the color of it.

Have fun, man! and Welcome to the forums!
Hey Diggr's, thanks for the reply.

Let me ask you something. When you originally built your own vortex res a while back, what were the dimensions you used especially for the hole in the inner bottom?

Also from your explanation, you said that you needed to give the water coming in at the top a tangential direction. Is that necessary? I thought the vortex is creating by the suction of the water only...

Thanks for any help man.
I think it sounds like a good idea and definitely will look cool. Where would you put the reservoir so that the fan at the bottom would have enough air available?

I'll put in outside on the back of the case so that no heat extracted will go in the case at all.
Yeah, I'm interested too.

I'm sorry I didn't see your reply, I can answer now (better late, than never).

The suction hole is 3/4" in the center of the bottom, and yes the inlet at the top needs to be tangental. There's two forces starting the vortex, the off center feed of water into the top to get it spinning, and the suction in the center bottom to get the air column sucked down into the middle. Varying the hole size would vary the lenth of the vortex and the ammount of air going into the suction line. Smaller would equal less air and less vortex.

Mine isn't that dependant on air pressure, because it's a closed system without an air vent, just a sealable hole to fill/empty.

Again, sorry I'm so late :eek: