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Ideal 5820k temperature?

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Dec 13, 2015
So I built my first computer and I don't think everything is, as it's supposed to be.

My built:
MB: MSI X99S sil plus
CPU: Intel i7-5820k
CPU-C: Hyper 612 Ver2
RAM: 16GB ram (4x4) ddr4, default settings
OS Drive: 256 SSD Samsung 850 EVO
Storage: 1TB WD
Case: HAF 932 - With front fan blowing air in, back fan taking hot air out, side fan taking air in, top fan is deactivated.

So I had a few issues installing the heatsink and I had to check if the paste was properly wided out (first time I've putted to much), so I had to lift it and saw it was ok (I know it may cause small holes of hot air to stay in the cpu).

Correctly I haven't got myself to install Windows yet since I don't have a optical bay and making a bootable usb from a mac, is harder than you think.

Right now I've been letting it run in BIOS and it seems to be swing from 35-36 for a half hour'ish and then going up to 37C where it will drop between 36-37 due to the CPU fan gets faster after 37.5C. The motherboard has a stable temperature at 27C.

What kind of temperature should I be expecting from a built like this in idle, normal use and stress (gaming etc)? I'm going to install windows after dinner and monitor further.

Did I really cause too much trouble during the installing of the cpu cooler - or did I harden the screw too much?


Oct 30, 2009
What are you using for a heatsink? For best overclocking, Intel engineers suggest keeping your peak loads down to 80c or less. The hottest you can run as a test is Linpack with AVX2. I use LinX 0.6.5 for that. For idle -- who cares? you can't tell a thing from your idle temps.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
I would...

Activate the top fan.

The BIOS actually has a slight load on it so your BIOS temps will not typically reflect windows idle temperatures. That said, idle temps are not relevant as edhume mentioned above.

Anyway, I would expect temps to be somewhere around there with that hyper 612 v2 without a top exhaust fan.