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Idle cputemp very cold.

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Jan 22, 2001
I have a 1000mhz tbird/100mhz bus running at 1200mhz/266mhz bus
I use an modified (placed straight) Alpha PEP66 with Arctic Silver II
on an Abit KT7A mobo.
The lid with the fan over the heatsink is normally opened at one side
because normally is blows the air out sideways.
With this setup my idle temp was about 23°C
Now I opened the other side to and my idle get's down even more.
It's now allways at 21°C

The temp. in my room is about 19-20°C,
(maybe this might seem cold for most, but I work outside allday,
and i'm sitting here in my t-shirt right now ;-)
My case temp. is 16°C

And this is the "problem".
When I tell this to people, they don't believe me!!
They say an onverclocked pc can't get as low as 21°C idle.
At load my cpu never get's above 39°C
They don't believe that either!! ;-)

Is this possible, or do I have faulty readings from VIA HM?
I don't know about your cpu temp but with air cooling you can't go under ambient temperature. So the case temp reading seems to me too low.
Nah, it's right. You just have a really cold room, that's all. Since your case temp is so low, your cpu starts at a lower temp for the hsf to cool it off, leading to lower temps. Your idle temp isn't really the one you want to worry about, anyway. You want to worry about your load temp, cause that's close to what it is when you actually do anything with your computer.
And the people that are telling you that you're full of it? They have no idea what they are talking about.