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Idle & load temps

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Mar 21, 2001
[2]This post isn't about the inaccuracy of Socket A thermistor[/2]

How do you people get your idle & load temps?
I mean, what programs do use to give the CPU something to crunch?

I've found out that using just Prime95 isn't gonna give a full load. Just test the other day, got 50.8C... Adding SiSoft Sandras Burn In-module & 3dMark2k1 put out some more temperature on the CPU.

For stability, I use PiFast. I let it run 3-5 passes and if there are any errors, it's not stable.
Play UT for an hour or more........you won't get much more of a full load.

Run Folding........it'll MAX your processor and you don't have to be awake, as well as benefit the effort of figuring out the secrets to cancer and "old timers". ( because I have no clue how it's spelled and even spell check couldn't come close to my spelling)
I like UT also...
i think that is one of the BEST realworld apps that will tell you how stable your computer is
It's just a big bore to wait such a long time, especially when you need to see the temps rising.
it shouldn't take but 15-25 mins to max your temps. Running Folding that is. play UT and you'll max out in less than 10 mins. (or Q3 will do well also)

When you decide to go to bed, fire up Folding.......let it run........when you wake up I'm sure you'll be maxed out.

Let Q3 run it's demo mode.........start a server on UT with 16 bots....let it run a few mins (even minimized) and watch your temps grow.
Haven't tried much of games with current fan-config, but I'll give it a try. Previosly it used to max out even while playing Icewind Dale for some time. Now it doesn't. And my temps take longer to drop, but they don't get as high...

Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll put Prime95 in the bg too.
nothing maxes my temps out like ut! i start a practice match with 20 bots, put myself in spectator mode and follow the best bot... watch those temps rise!
err......what actually is folding?? is that a program?? where can i get it?? :)
Folding@home. Check the front page, it's mentioned there. Join the team, if you can.

For that UT... I moved in with my girlfriend yesterday and naturally, I had to check if I have to lower my OC, as it's quite a lot hotter there. Case temps went up by 4C... UT maxed out at 51C, with Prime95 in the background. I'll do more research today evening.