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Idle Temps for E3110

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Feb 15, 2008
Just installed a Xeon E3110 tonight and my idle temps are 42c - I thought these were a little high since this is the new 45nm chip, thought I would expect much cooler temps than this. One difference I seemed to notice though was under load using Prime my temps only rose 8-9c.

For those using this chip what have you been seeing for your idle temps?
My core idle temps are 38C @ 4140 MHz with the E3110. In Prime load, they shoot up to about 60C. The cpu temp is 32C at idle and about 45C under full load.
slightly off topic but i was just wondering if Neb was trying to make me go blind with that blue on light black background.
JUst reseated - still same temps - they seem awful high to me. Gigabyte Easy Tune shows 17c idle - hard to believe there's almost a 30c difference between the 2 monitors - BIOS says 18c

What gives? Is it possible CoreTemp is giving false readings with this Xeon?
yes anything possible
try speedfan & realtemp also and get a mean readng

but bios should be trusted imho
Actually the majority of E3110 or any 45nm CPU for that matter is not going to report accurate idle temperatures.

The sensors were designed to report high temperatures such as the throttling temperature to avoid damage, and consistently gets less acurate as the temperature lowers.

On top of that you have the sensor "sticking" which many of these CPUs will have. One of my cores is stuck at 33C, and only when the temp goes to about 38C does it kick in and start rising. The other idles at 29C, but may also be stuck I'm not sure.

So you see knowing your actual idle temperature is not really possible using software anyways. What counts are your load temperatures are where they're supposed to be which means your idle ones would be as well, and seeing as 45nm CPUs hardly dissipate much heat at all, you have nothing to worry about.

Last thing, real tjunction max is more likely 95C so subtract 10C from your CoreTemp readings, or use RealTemp.