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Idling at 61 - Not Overclocking - Athlon 1.2 - HELP!

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New Member
May 21, 2001
Here is what I have for air flow:

1) 300w Power Supply Fan
2) Rear Case fan blowing out
3) Nose fan sucking in
4) PCI Slot Dual Fan Sucking out

My CPU heatsink/fan is a chrome one, with a fan with chrome around it in a spiral position.

I am idling at 61-62 and my case temp is 31.

I think I need a better heatsink/fan or something. I cant get anymore fans into this thing without some heavy modifications.

Will I damage anything running this around 63-66 degrees? Please tell me if I am risking anything.

If you have any solutions for an affordable kick-*** heatsink combo please let me know which webpage I can buy them from. I sniffed around this thread, but couldn't find where to buy them from, just model numbers.

Thanks all,

Jason R.
yes, you are risking frying your cpu. it says it's in it's 60's, but in reality, it's higher. You probably do need a better HSF. is you heatsink hot to the touch? if not, maybe you have poor contact between the HS and the cpu.
If you have proper contact between your CPU and HSF and you have a descent thermal compound between them.
Then I would suggest that you might want to de-clock it (or is that unclock?) it until such time as you have a real HSF on your machine, in the 60's is a meltdown waiting to happen or just don't use it.
I would stop using it at all because you said that's 61 @ idle. if you actually use it for anything, it will be much higher. I guess you could always try to underclock it, but I don't think that would help too much..
Find one you like based on members experiences and results in the CPU database found on the home page. Then go to http://www.pricewatch.com and search for a good price. Then check the vendors reputation at http://www.resellerratings.com/ . Read Joe's review of the Swiftech MC-462A here. http://www.overclockers.com/articles347/index02.asp After the motherboard, the HSF is probably the main thing you don't want to skimp on. Sounds like youve got a Chrome Orb. The basic consensus seems to be that Orbs are really good paperweights. I think coolerguys has a pretty good selection and reputation, check them out here. http://www.coolerguys.com/
Good luck! :)
[4]OH!! Welcome aboard![/4]
Thanks a bunch! Thos coolerguys seem to have a wide assortment. I think after these issues I will get the loudest, most powerful socket A cooler they have ... hehe just to put my mind at ease!

Thanks a bunch again,

Jason R.