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If I get a 750 t-bird can I overclock it by..

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Feb 13, 2001
Just raising the fsb to 133x7.5 on a kt7a-raid? Or do I still need to unlock it for some reason? Or do I need to lower the multiplier and then set the fsb to 133? Basically what I am trying to do is take a 750mhz tbird and overclock it to at least a gig and to me the most logical way would be to just raise the fsb to 133 x 7.5 to get 998mhz. Any and all info including any useful links would be helpful. Thanks
Hi ivwshane. Yes, you will have to unlock that Tbird, unless you are one of the VERY few that got a factory unlocked one to begin with. It comes setup to run at the 100 mhz at default, so the bridges on top have to be closed in order to get it to run at 133 mhz.

I will list a few links here for you to go look at. One is the Hard forum...where there is an awfull lot on unlocking a Duron/Tbird...but finding these threads can be tiresome. I would advise you to look up in the top right of the screen, and click on search. once in the search engine, you can search for a user by user name, or by keyword. In the search by keyword box, type in... unlock amd... You will get a lot of hits, because this topic comes up in many threads...you could set the search engine up to just scan the topic header which would reduce the hits. But, there is a lot of advice at this forum... and some links to actual sites that show you in pic's how to exactly do it. I'll check back here in a day or two and see if you found what you needed. I visit maybe 10 to 20 forums a day, so returning to a particular forum in the same day, sometimes isn't possible...

Follow this page along. It is a good tutorial on how to unlock any Duron/Tbird... I think the actual pictures are on page 3...

Here is a good blow up of a processor so that you can see exactly what to do...when you go to unlock yours...


Here is another good artical on how to unlock the AMDs...the pic's on page three when you click on each pic, show you exactly every step..

Have fun!!!