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If I read one more post on Ducting...

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Oct 30, 2002
Fort Collins, CO
I'll most likely die. SO, LOL, I decided to create one instead.

This is mainly a big long-winded question, but since doing a search on "ducting" delivers over a thousand threads, I can't read them all.

I have a PC-60. I have a Swiftech MCX462 with a Delta (68.5CFM 48.5dB(a)) on top of it blowing into the heatsink. It is an 80mm model. I don't think I can take listening to that noise many more days without killing my poor kitten. So I have been brainstorming....

I have a window mod on the PC-60 that I'm not too thrilled to be dropping a 120mm fan on, but I don't feel I have a choice b/c watercooling is waaaaaaaaaaay


too expensive for me, and my case wouldn't fit any of the parts anyways.

I want to put a 120mm fan on the side window, with a duct attached airtight to the exhaust of the fan, heading to either a 120mm to 80mm adapter, or simply tapering off the duct itself to 80mm and attaching to the swifty.

Now I know all the posts out there say, "experiment to find what works best for you" but I cannot do that, as these parts will be a gift from my dad in another state for Christmas. I don't want him spending the money on a gift that may end up just getting hit with a 15% restocking fee.

The fan I want to use, is made by evercool, product link ishere The max air pressure for the fan is 2.83, which equals out to 27.734PA. However I am starting to hate my choice in careers for not being an aeronautical engineer. :) I have no idea how to calculate how much backpressure is generated, and therefore how much of a CFM drop I will see if I combine the swifty itself, with the 120mm to 80mm adapter, and a duct.

Is this something I should give up on, and just resort to losing my hearing by the time I'm 30??? Or is the 79CFM of the 120mm fan going to be enough to match up with the 68.5 of the Delta, after all the calculations are made?

ANY help would be appreciated at this point, as my dad is simply waiting on me to find good places to buy the parts I want from and he'll help me out with what he can. Too bad I can't request a full size case and watercooling setup from him :)



Nov 29, 2001
you want to keep the delta on the swifty and put the 120 on the side panel end of the duct...... that's not going to cut back on your noise any, if you can do the duct well enough where it comes over the top part of the swifty, just ditch the 80mm fan. the 120 will pull in plenty enough cool air from outside the case to cool the swifty for ya.


Jul 14, 2002
GHOST_Viper said:
watercooling is waaaaaaaaaaay


too expensive for me, and my case wouldn't fit any of the parts anyways.

you can make a watercooling system for 100$. im sure you can scratch that money together.
your lian li would fit everything fine. ive put watercooling in a micro atx case wich it alot smaller than yours.

i would consider it. good luck :D

The Spyder

Mar 25, 2002
i hate it when noobs come in here~ thinkin they know everything~ and realize that their post is completly BACKWARDS.... i mean you could atleast ASK first.....
my watercooling systems cost $120 each....