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if there is driver for then

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Feb 12, 2002
Montréal, Qc, Ca
if there is driver for youre cpu in windows then logicaly there is a possibility to write a program like powerstrip but for cpu????????
am i right or it is called a driver for cpu but does not anable the same function
there is no software required to control the CPU. For example, DOS will run on both a Pentium 60 and Athlon XP2000 perfectly fine, when it was designed for the 386.

The reason is that all x86 CPUs share the same instruction set- that is what makes them x86 CPUs. All x86s respond to instructions in the same way. For all intents and purposes, that P60 is identical to that XP2000 in all ways except speed and cache size.

The 'driver' is actually the mobo chipset- programs will make calls and the chipset decides what to do with them, where to send them, etc. All of it is done in hardware. So, if you want to tweak the way the system handles instructions, you want to tweak the chipset.

There is a great app for doing this- WPCredit. It's hard to use, but can completely transform a system.

i already know about wpcredit and yes it can do a lot of thing if you whant to check what i found to help me with it check this thread:"what i found to help me with wpcredit"