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If you have a KT7-RAID mobo....

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Jan 4, 2001
Do you still have to Pencil Trick the chip to be able to change the multiplier?? Or does the KT7's allow changes to those settings without having to touch the chip?

The reason i'm asking is because I have a 1.1 ghz and I set my chip to 10x100 which is obviously 1000mhz, but when I rebooted, the post came up as 1100mhz AGAIN... So it seems the multiplier doesn't make a difference..

Yeah, you do have to do the 'pencil trick' to unlock the multiplier, and be prepared to do it a good few times to get it to work. I just put my cpu and mobo back in my case, and thought I might as well redo the bridges at the same time - I tried and failed five times before succeeding at the sixth attempt! I'm sure I had enough graphite on every time, but the sixth time I decided to cut between the bridges with a craft knife to ensure the pencil marks didn't overlap - and it worked. Holding it up to the light I could see the big splodges of graphite were nowhere near to touching every time I applied them, but enough graphite dust must have accumulated between the bridges to screw it up.

It's a hell of a pain reapplying the arctic silver every time, but perservere, and you will be rewarded with an unlocked multiplier - and a hundred or so more MHz! :)