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IKONiK (Case Mod) <In the new Dark Base Pro 900>

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Envious Mods

New Member
Jul 27, 2016
IKONiK (Case Mod) &lt;In the new Dark Base Pro 900&gt;

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The Concept:

The plan is to break away from traditional aesthetics while tipping my hat to a generation of forward thinkers. I strive to create something that goes beyond “standard” ideas and instead pursue this project inspired by layout, location, and function. Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan famously stated that, “Form follows function”. This idea is expressed by Modernisms’ tendency to have the function of a project dictate much of the design ideas. I will attempt to look through the eyes of this perspective throughout the build.

IKONiK will be my interpretation of a sleek, modern and high tech PC. It will feature the latest hardware modded into one cohesive design. I have purchased a good deal of exotic materials and finishes that will help give it the modern design cues I am looking for.

Concept Design:

The concept design for this build serves as an outline if what I want the build to look like. As the build progresses I will add some things, keep a lot from the design and change a few. This helps to assure that this build is up to my standards when its finished.








What To Expect:

I will be using the new DARK Base Pro 900 from Be Quiet for this build. I am honored that they approached me to be the first person to mod this case. It has a lot of new features; with modularity being a big part of the design. The plan is to invert the motherboard and take advantage of the design features found throughout the case.


This build will primarily focus on modding the hardware as well as the case. My last build, “Dark Matter” was a scratch build that required hundreds of hours focused primarily on building the structure of the case. For this build I get to save that energy and focus it towards modding the case/hardware. As with all of my builds the main features tend to evolve. The build usually takes on a personality of its own during the process. I have set guidelines and a concept for this build but, it will have a lot more “freestyle” modding that I tend thrive in.



• Dark Base Pro 900 case (silver edition)

• Intel i7

• Dark Power Pro 11 PSU

• 7 X Be Quiet PureWings 3 – 140mm fans and 2 X 120mm fans (These are the new ones that are about to come out.)

• Custom sleeved modular CableMod ModFlex cable set (black) w/clear laser-cut combs

- - - Updated - - -



And so it begins:

Meet The Dark Base Pro:

The Dark Base Pro 900 case by Be Quiet has recently arrived at the shop. The case comes in black, silver or orange accents. I went with the silver Pro version. The Pro version comes with an upgraded PWM fan controller that can be controlled through your motherboard. It also has modular RGB LED strips that can easily be moved to multiple locations.

Another neat feature is the tempered glass side panel. Everything inside of the case is modular which allows you to move things to accommodate your specific needs. I will be flipping the motherboard 180 degrees for the IKONiK build. I took a few pictures right after unboxing it and the 1,200 watt Dark Power Pro 11 PSU.

The New Dark Base 900 Pro (silver edition)




Some great shots of the Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900. These pics give you an appreciation for the work that went into this high end case. By Malik







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Overclockers this is a legitimate build log
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