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I'm back on Page 1 - Whoo-hoo!!!

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Dec 25, 2004
It took quite a while after changing usernames, but I'm finally back on the all users page 1 folding stats!

I might get bumped back down to 101 for a day, but after that, I'll start climibing pretty quick.

Though looking at my numbers, I'm thinking it might be time to upgrade my current system, and have much faster CPU and more memory. The problem is that needing at least 8X lanes for 4 GPUs, I've got to find a system with 40+ PCI-E lanes. Especially since I'm going to be using M2 SSDs.

But there are a lot of new open air mining cases that look a lot nicer than my current homebuilt case.
Congrats on Page 1.:cheers:
It is a real grind to get through pages 1 and 2. Hope to reach 1 by the end of the year myself.

As far as your upgrades...you do the legwork and I can copy off you:chair:....I think I can plug an extender in my one case to get a 3rd GPU. (In fact I think you recommended one) The other can only do 2. The 2 1300W PSU's are going to waste.

Good luck. :beer:

Looking forward to the 4K series in August, September...:sn:
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Well, it looks like I won't be bounced off of Page 1 for at least a couple of years unless I stop folding for some reason.

The user I thought was going to possibly do it seems to have had a drop in their production. They are still almost 60M PPD a day, but they are 1.4 weeks away from passing me. I'm currently 99 and likely to move up about 3 more places before a week is up. And the next person scheduled to pass me is another 5 months away from doing so.

So, I'm here to stay, baby!