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Im confused

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Oct 16, 2002

On the link above this guys has a air coolded peltier that is giving his CPU a temp of -2 C. Now my question is if you can get that low of a temp from just a aircoolded peltier then why would so many people water cool? Something isnt right about this
That processor he used is a Pentium overclocked to 1100 or so. Not a very hot chip to begin with, so he's probably using an 80 watt TEC.
That's nothing I'd try using a 2 gig athlon!
Also, watercooling will give you temps closet to ambient temps without fear of condensation.
U can use a peltier with aircool. It all depends on the peltier (a powerful peltier would be 225W) you are using plus what heatsink to cool off the peliter. Swiftech has a nice heatsink/ peltier combo, but I don't know if you're willing to spend big bucks for them.

Here's the site http://swiftnets.com/products/mcx462plusT.asp
I hope u can find a deal for them :)
I've only found that MCX462+T at one site, and it costs $90 without including the cost of a second (or very large) power supply. I'd rather just get a SLK-800 with a Vantec Tornado and keep the rest of the money :)