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I'm having a bios flash problem

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Mar 23, 2001
I have read all I can find on the subject and have printed out the instructions from Asus. The problem is setting up my flash floppy. I have the command file, the aslash.exe file but when I unzip the 1004 bios to the floppy it opens as some kind of fax file ????? The icon for the avu1004.awd file looks like some kind of tree or outdoors pic. Too small to make it out. I have made a floppy with my original bios on it and it works fine. I have re-flashed with it just to make sure I wasn't missing something. When I try and flash with my new bios floppy it starts off fine, I choose option 2, flash with new bios, then it gives me an error that states that the file is not the right format or something to that effect. I have the A7V133 raid board. Is there different bios for this board and is it different than the A7V133 standard issue.
I just don't get it man.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Did you make the floppy bootable and then boot to the floppy prior to trying to run AFLASH.EXE?

The icon looks like a picture because some (probably graphics editor) thinks all files that end in '.awd' belong to it. It isn't a problem.

'avu1004' is the latest released bios for the A7V133 and any bios from asus that starts with 'avu' is for the A7V133 board. (I think the plain A7V board uses 'a7v' at the beginning for it's bios)
Yes sir I did indeed. Went thru the same sequence as I did when I copied my original bios to floppy. I even unzipped it to my original bios floppy that I had made and know works and tried running it off there. Just typed in avu1004.awd for the file name. Nadda!
Goldwing thanks bud. It flashed this time round. Seems maybe I didn't add the .awd when inputing file name.
Now @ 1004 ;)
Wouldn't it be nice if the bios flash utilities didn't require a letter for letter memory of a somewhat esoteric character string? Congratulations on maintaining your cool through a frightening problem. (Bios flashes terrify me.)
I flashed last night with the iwill they have a cool Alt-f2 function just enable it in the bios and you boot to floppy hit enter wait 15seconds and you are done :) NO PHEAR
i have no problems flashing any of my2 asus mobo"s
heres what i do
1. dl latest bios from asus, zipped of course
2. unzip it and save to floppy
3.i then write down file name ( eg. 1004.awd)
4.shut down comp with floppy in drive
5.power up and wait to get to "A" prompt
6. type in aflash,hit enter
7.when screen pops up u have 2 chioces 1 or 2,choose 2,hit enter
8.type in new bios (eg. 1004.awd ) hit enter

this works for me every time

hope this helps a little for ya good luck
I personally haven't had any problems with flashing the bios either....however if it does go bad you are gonna be spending time and money to fix it.

I didn't have any problems with lightning until it took out my computer through the phone line.

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