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I'm looking for a full tower case with these features:

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Crazy Jayhawk

Jul 14, 2001
Hutchinson, KS
At least five 5.25" bays (6 is good)
At least one external and 3 internal 3.5" bays
Slide-out motherboard tray

I'm eventually going to replace my case, once I have the money to buy watercooling parts. Right now I'm using an Inwin Q500. It fits these requirements, but I'm looking for something a bit more stylish.

The Antec SX1200 case looks good, but I don't know if it has a slide-out tray.


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
Lian-Li PC 70, 71 and 75 fit the bill. How much $$$$ do you want to spend? The hardest option to find is the removeable MOBO tray.


Apr 25, 2002
San Antonio, TX
Doesn't have a removable mobo tray (as far as I know, I could be wrong), but my dad's case seems to fit yours (can't buy it though):




Sep 26, 2002
Damn... I had this nice full tower case with exactly what your looking for for about 49 bucks with a 300w PSU. The thing is I got it like 2 years ago and I forget the site that sold it to me.

Ill try to find it if I can.

Good case too.


Feb 18, 2002
Floyd, VA

the Inwin models are the ones i have been using.

comes 24" tall before the wheels, 26" tall with.

6 5.25's, 2 3.5 external, room for up to eight hard drives, i have mine modded to contain two PS's (and still have room at the very top back for two 80mm exhaust fans) and i did a custom 120mm fan install in the lower three 5.25 bays to blow directly over the hard drives. don't ask me how many i have total, but it is one of the reasons i use two PS's.

i have several of these wonderfull and very inexpensive towers, about $70 with 300 watt PS, been using them for years. durable and wonderful they are, totally roomy, working on the rig is easy as pie.

i get them at he 'puter fairs for around $60 with the 300w PS, and a bit less with a 250w PS. I usually get the cheaper model as i replace the PS's right out of the box.

a quick google and you will be in business.

good luck.