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im lost

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Dec 30, 2000
My configuration, I have a Compaq presario 5900z(iknow), (Athlon 700, 288mb ram(pc100), Windows Me, and Windows Whistler (dual boot), 20 gb had,13 gb hd, 4gb hd, Nvidia geforce 256 ddr (@clock 130,mem 313 mhz)sb live sound card, 10xdvd ,4x4x24 burner) im new please go in to detail. don't know what motherboard, think its like a compaq version of a fic sd11.

I dont know how to overclock, is it possible on compaq mobo. please go into detail,step by step, id like to clock it to 800 if possible i have 3fans which i can attach to it to cool it, i know that i'm asking a lot, but knowledge must increase
im lost -Compaq&#39s...

I have worked with Compaq desktops &
servers since they were all 486's, and have
never found any that were any good
for OC'ing.

I think most of these come setup OC'ed
from the factory !

None of the CPQ BIOS settups I have
seen include the options needed to OC.

I attempted fiddling with the jumpers on
a few that had them, but invariably got
windows lockups and BSOD syndrome.

Good luck.....