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I'm new to this - Gainward Golden Sample Geforce4 MX440 Overclocking

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Mar 26, 2002
San Francisco
I know these boards are really overclockable, but I wanna know what's a safe limit for it? The stock speeds for an MX440 are 270/400, and with the golden sample it's at 290/440 now. I want to take it higher but I'm broke and I don't wanna fry anything.

I've heard the 4ns RAM on the card can take up to 500 MHz without any heatsinks, is that true? What about the GPU? It's got a fan/heatsink combo on it, what do think is too much for it?



Mar 18, 2002
what program are you using??? i usually use nvmax...don't know if this is sound advice but move up about 1-5MHz at a time...then run 3dmark and play some high intensity game for an hour or so...your pc will probably lock up instead of your vid card frying...well, that's the way i find my limit it...i'm at my third video card now, and the other two are still operable...just collecting dust...


Dec 18, 2000
Peoria Ill
I got 2 Gainwards that both have the 4ns DDR in them.
A GF2Ti450 & GF3Ti450 G.S.

The Gf2 has no hs on the ram. I run it at 515.
The Gf3 has hs on the ram. Got it at 544 right now.
I think it was around 580 or so when artifacts started showing
up, so I turned it down a bit.

Use RivaTuner to OC.