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I'm new to this - K7T 266 Pro2

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Mar 26, 2002
San Francisco
I'm gonna start toying with overclocking and I read on one of these posts about northbridge cooling. If I were to get a cheap radio shack fan or something and somhow slap it on the stock heatsink, would that be good enough?

If so, how would I go about doing this? Would I want the fan to blow toward or away from the heatsink? What's a good way to attach it?


This board is not the best overclocker. You should have no problems raising your FSB to 145 keeping your system stable. Beyond that you're looking at some problems. Maybe if you are going to run an unlocked processor, and boost the multiplier you may want a fan on the northbridge. It may be a good idea anyway, most boards with this chipset have a fan on the nbridge.
As to what fan to use, good question, i'd like to know too, has anyone got any suggestions for us?
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I have the Pro-2 and I use a Vantech chipset cooler, see pic. I have to use this one because my sooper large H/S. A blue/crystal ORB chipset coolers are nice and cheap to use also.