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New Member
Jun 5, 2001
Ok folks my temps are through the roof cause the fan in my A1 300 amd APP PS went out...

does anyone know where I can get a replacement fan for this thing?

the plug for the fan is a two prong ( kinda stout two prong)!

any help would be appreciated!

My suggestion:

1) find an old power supply and crack it open and steal the fan out of there ... if you are lucky it will already have the two prong connector

2) grab any fan that will fit .... look for a fan that does not already have the molex connector (widely available at radio shack for like $10) and steal the connector from your old fan and you should be in business

hope this helps
ok I have an old power supply that has the fan hooked up to the mobo and not getting power from the ps itself...are u saying to just splice in the old connector into the working fan?

If so im not electronic literate (hell literate at all) but im looking at different colored wires the new fan has red and black and the old broken ps has one blue and dont ask what the other is .... I need to break it open..again....

with this little info can you guide me ?

Well I will try my best. You have a couple of options:

1) splice the connector onto the end of the fan (blue wire to black wire {this is your ground line} and the red line to the other colored line and give it a try ... it should connect to the same place where your old fan was connected
the harder route:
2) skip plugging it back into the power supply ... run the two lines out of the power supply (through one of the openings) ... if you have a extra molex connector (the plastic connnectors with 4 metal 'probes') coming out of your power supply ... cut off the connector and connect the black line from the fan to one of the black lines (there are two) and the other fan line to the YELLOW power line [make sure to wrap all the wire ends so there is no chance of bare wire coming into contact with metal in the case]

Hope this helps ... if something in my post isn't clear let me know.