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I'm VERY confused, everyone please look.

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Sep 16, 2002
Okay, according to SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro, my Western Digital 80gig SE and my MSI CD burner are both trying to run as SCSI devices?!? So my hard drive is not running DMA or UDMA or whatever and I can't figure out how to set it (device manager does not show it). I'm on Win98SE, please help.


Okay, here's some more info:

I did a benchmark in Sandra and got the following with no other programs running:

My Score: 23497
ATA100 Score : 24000

Buffered Read: 85 MB/s
Sequential Read: 33 MB/s
Random Read: 6 MB/s
Buffered Write: 16 MB/s
Sequential Write: 38 MB/s
Random Write: 13 MB/s
Average Access Time: 9ms

I also noticed that I have a 64 kb/s Read ahead buffer, I dont know what that means, but it did show the disk cache correctly at 8megs.

Also, I'm on an Abit IT7 Max with a 2.4b P4.


and yet more info:

Ever since I've had this comp (1 month) I've had a big question mark in my device manager indicating that I had unknown other devices, which show as 2 PCI universal serial buses? SiSoft Sandra indicates that these are my DMA channels and that the drivers are not installed correctly. What is this and what am I supposed to do? Could this have something to do with my problem? My device manager also lists that I have a SCSI controller, which I dont believe my Abit IT7 came with....But it does also show a Primary and Secondary Ultra ATA controller that are supposedly working correctly.

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Aug 25, 2001
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Your WD 80gig, and your burner are probably on your ATA100 chain, which, if it is like mine (an onboard promise/ata100 controller), then it will read as a SCSI device. don't worry, it doesn't affect anything, it's just a label.

You cannot set DMA on devices on that chain... trust me.. i've tried. it may already be enabled.. idunno..

A "read-ahead buffer" is an advancement in technology, where it will be smart and read ahead. In the old days, if you wanted a file, and the program requested the first line of the file, it would read the first line of the file, and stop. then when it wants the next line, it has to read it from the disk. Read-ahead, when asked for the first line of the file, will also read a few lines ahead (whatever is easiest to read in one swipe), and put it in the read-ahead buffer, so when you ask for the 2nd line, you don't have to wait for the physical drive to be ready.


Aug 18, 2002
Yeah, any of the raid ICE controllers are usually seen as a SCSI device, as it's pretty much a SCSI technology.