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Impact of 9700k numbers on its capabilities in OC

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New Member
Dec 6, 2021
Hi, I have a question about the i7 9700k
I can choose a processor for myself (I can give the other one)
both have the S-spec SRG15
one of them has
Batch # V032D769
the other has
Batch # V032D796

Do these Batch numbers have any effect on CPU quality / overclockability or whatever?


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
It's been a couple of generations since there was a strong correlation between batch numbers and overclocking capability. Pick one. :)


Jan 24, 2001
Yes they can do though the ones you have are too close to each other to have a discernable difference. The important thing is that you have the R0 stepping as opposed to the earlier P0. You should get higher overclocks with the R0. Both of your CPU's came from Maylasia and were produced in 2020 and week 32 so were one of the latter ones produced which is generally a good thing. They don't look that far apart in the production cycle either so as stated, just take your pick. If they are decent you could do 5.2/5.3Ghz with ~1.32v.
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