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Important Question about Windows 98 se and 512mb of RAM !!!!!!!!!! please READ

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Mar 12, 2001
I have very important question. Can Windows 98 se Handle 512 mb of RAM ?? I am not sure but I heard some time ago that Win 98 can't hangle more than 256 mb or ram. Anything above 256 it will go to waste or something like that I am not sure. My problem is that since I installed 512 mb of ram when I ran UT I get strange error..... For example the intro runs and than all the sudden the game shuts down and I get this error

" General protection fault !

History: UObject::GetFullName<-UObject::IsValid<- ...... blah blah blah " on and on......

Can this be caused by my RAM ????? I tried everything. Changed Direct X, Drivers for the Video card. Reinstalled UT. Reinstalled Windows.... Still get this F...ing error...

Anyone has any ideas ?????
As long as the RAMs function well with each other when overclocked, the Win98/Win98SE should not have any problems running 512+mb of RAM, but them OSs will perform optimal at upto 192mb of RAM. Anything after that, it will not use the rest of virtual memory very efficiently and effectively. It's the OS like Win2k or WinNT that can take advantage of 256mb and Up of RAM.
Depends how much jubei has overclocked his machine, that 512mb of RAM might struggle each other a little.. it's not that your OS is acting up. it's just that too much RAM being overclocked and tobe used under intensive programs including gaming can be sometimes hard on.. If he didn't overclock his machine, then it's a different story. jubei, did it run UT okay with just one stick of 256mb of your PC2100 DDR Ram?
I run 512megs on 98se with no problems. I just started using the CACHEMAN program thats free to download, (do a search) and it will make sure that windows uses ALL available ram before writing to the swap file. Very usefull to have.
I use WinME lite with Cacheman and dont have any problems with it
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thanks guys for your input. My system is not overclocked yet.. Will work on it today, hopefully will fix that problem...