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In search of 19in CRT for gaming

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Dec 24, 2003
Lancaster, CA
I know this has probably been posted a million times, but I have been trouble deciding and I wanted some up-to-date information from you guys.

I am putting together a system and want to go with a 19in CRT geared towards gaming. I don't think I want to spend anything more than $300 unless $15 or so more will get me something significantly better.

I would preferably like the monitor to be black, but I guess it's not completely necessary.

Here are a few I have been looking at:

NEC MultiSync FP912SB
ViewSonic P95F+B 19"
SAMSUNG 957MB-Ivory 19"

I would appreciate your recommendations.

Thanks in advance guys.


Dec 6, 2003
Welcome To The Forum!!!

I'm also looking for a 19" CRT monitor be patient someone will help you (us).


Jan 24, 2003
i got a NEC 991 SB. when i was looking for a new monitor, my budget was arond 200 so i didnt' really look at the models you suggested. anyway, i did about 3 weeks of research and decided that this monitor was the best. i was able to score a great deal from dell for $190 shipped. anyway i LOVE this monitor. it's flat, sharp, colors are correct, superbright is nice etc...


Feb 4, 2003
St Louis
Try to find Dell Triitron 19 inch display. It simply one of the best 19" CRT. I had it for almost 5 year, love it everyday. My other 19" Hitachi CM772 is so so, the pic is not perfectly flat, you can notice little s-curve on both edges


All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
i would recommend a dell P991. .24 dot pitch, 1600x1200 @75hz, and comes in beige or black. you can pick a new one up from ebay for ~$120

i plan on getting two of them soon.