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IN9 32Max memory question

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Apr 10, 2002
Hey folks! To start off I have always been an Abit fan and for those of you that remember me back in the day you'll recall I used to dig em. With that said I recently put together a new build, however, I may have gotten in a little "over my head" if you will. I grabbed an IN9 32 MAX and well for lack of a better description has "been interesting". My first one was DOA so I sent back to Newegg, but waited too long and lost my opportunity for replacement. I then sent it back to Abit (November of 07) and they have yet to return a replacement. I go to the RMA site, it shows they have it and also shows that they never sent one back. I guess they've just decided to keep mine and blow me off apparently. They refuse to respond either via email or phone messages. with that said I eventually bought another with the idea they might someday return the original and a spare might not be a bad thing. I now have a $500.00 motherboard in my rig LOL. With all the BIOS flashing I had to do, the keyboard issues, the error codes etc. I'm thinking I just might have screwed up with this board. I have purchased more than 200 Abit boards (work machines) and automatically just bought this board based on my experience and their reputation along with the idea that I may get back into "overclocking again". I am now just yearning for a damn stable rig....nothing more. My issue is I can't even get my Corsair XMS PC2-8500 C5 to even run at 1066. It shows 800 no matter what I seem to do. I set the voltage to 2.1 and have used the Guru section in the BIOS for just about ever combo. Now I am rusty, but damn I can't even achieve a stock setup that's stable. Any advice and or links would be appreciated....sigh.

Abit IN9 32MAX (13 BIOS)
E6750 stock bus
Corsair XMS PC2-8500 C5
MSI 8800 Vid card
SB Audigy
RAID 5 on 3 500's and a Raptor for the OS

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I have searched the forums prior to posting, but don't see a helluva lot of info on this guy for whatever reason. Maybe I'm just an idiot and am missing something.