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Inconsistent voltage and temperatures when OC'ing 8600k

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May 23, 2013

I've been trying to OC my 8600k for the past 24 hours and I'm completely at wits end. (Gigabyte Z370 HD3 motherboard). I'm doing a simple OC, set clock to 47, uncore to 44, LLC to turbo, and vcore to 1.255. But everytime I test, it's like I'm getting completely different results. Yesterday, I started at 1.3v and 4.8 Ghz and the temps spiked to 95 C on Realbench. So I lowered my clock to 4.7 and vcore to 1.25 and it was basically the same temperature. At 1.25, it was climbing to 92 C. So I got frustrated and turned off my computer and slept.

Then this morning I do another stress test, with the same settings, and it was stable at 75 C. So I turned up the clock to 4.8 and vcore to 1.26 and my temps went wild again, climbing to 92-95C. Then I tried to put it back to 4.7 and 1.25, and the temps still stayed the same. It was going back to 92 C even though earlier, it was stable at 75 C with the SAME settings. I'm so frustrated right now. It seems that whatever I put in BIOS, the computer ignores or does something else. I can't even control anything. Can someone please help me? I literally only want 4.7 Ghz with 4.4 uncore, thats it.


I've done some testing and when I put vcore anywhere from:

1.25-1.26, the actual vcore in HWINFO will be at 1.248 and then jumps up to 1.26 occasionally.
1.24-1.25, the actual vcore in HWINFO will be at 1.236 and then jumps up to 1.248 occasionally.

Could there be some setting in my bios related to that? It doesn't matter if the CPU is under load or not, it'll keep switching between the 2 numbers.
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A couple of things:

Please list your hardware in your signature so everyone can get the big picture of what you have and offer more direct guidance.

I don't see a big problem. Thousandsth or hundredsth of a volt control isn't going to happen.
Yea learned that today. Managed to get to 4.6 Ghz at 1.22v in bios. Not the best OC but I'll take anything at this point.