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Increased FSB = Mouse Stuttering on KT7a ???

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Feb 28, 2001
I use to have cellyII on a CUSL2 with all the same hardware that i have now (HD/GForce/CD/Soundcard). I could run this all with an FSB of 114 which increased my device Mhz to 37 i think, and they didnt complain.

I know have a 1.2 (266) T-Bird on a KT7a. Last night i upped the FSB to 140 (device=34) and when the HD was reading or making little writes the mouse juddered/stuttered across the screen. When everything was loaded into the system memory it was fine.

I cant think of any correlation between HD reading and mouse stuttering. The only difference is that its a new optical mouse (USB + PS/2 convertor) + latest mouse drivers from microwank.

This happened with the VIA4in1 .29 drivers so i upped to the .30 (newest) and its still the same.

anyone else had this problem?

SO u know and dont ask me what cooling i have etc :)

1.2Ghz T-Bird Axia (266)
Fop38 HS + 80mm Panflo fan
256 Crucial PC133 Cas2
40Gb Quantum Fireball HD
CL Geforce DDR (core/mem 150/350)
Juno P6 Tower
1x120mm in 1x80mm out (both at 7V)
On my KT7A, I get stuttering at higher FSB settings if I don't have the HDDs running in DMA mode. Like night and day. That means having DMA mode enabled in bios and enabled in Windows.

Hmmmm i checked the bios and UDMA is the only setting i can find in there, and its set to auto.

In windows (win89 se) the drive is DMA enabled.

I could just use the CPU FSB Setting to increase it but i was really after a higher FSB across my Memory.

Thanks nehooo.

Any other suggestions??
IMO the Abit KT7A(R) usb channel is not quite stable at high fsb (140+) My optical mouse acts strange at high speeds. Under Win2k. I have to wait a second before is starts moving etc.. sluggish.
I run a USB scanner, printer and camera link on my KT7A with the FSB at 150. Smooth as silk. However, this is my second KT7A board. The first one had erratic behavior with the FSB above 133. The only thing predictable about the KT7A is the lack of predictability with FSB performance, above 133, from one unit to the next.