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Info on weather this is a good PSU or not

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New Member
Nov 29, 2005
Hey, since its christmas time i was thinking of asking my parents for the cool case I found online....Now the main reason I want it is because fo its looks, however it does come with a powersupply and i could use a new one. The only problem is, is that it is really expensive and to spen that much money on looks seems like kinda a waste...so i was just wondering weather or not anyone could figure out weather or not its a good PSU or not ( i couldn't really find any good info on it) to maby justify possible getting it. Thanks!


Jun 5, 2005
I would not get that powersupply, 12a on 12v1 and 14a on 12v2 is not sufficent for any computer worth a $200 case. Without knowing your components, I'd say a 500w fortron bluestorm, a 550w fortron plg-sli or a 520w powerstream sli would be a good replacement.

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