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****ing abit... 2 doa nf7-s :(

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Aug 6, 2002
This ****ing sucks. I ordered a nf7-s 2.0 from gameve. It arrived, got everything all hooked up. And guess what... DOA.

So, I was like "this happens, I guess" so i did an advance rma to abit.. recieved my board today, plugged everything in. Guess what? Another DOA board. God damn. I just want my computer up and running.

So now, I have to wait another week minimum to get ANOTHER board from abit.

God damn... my other 2 boards worked flawlessly first time. Nothing but problems with this ****.

Is there something i'm missing when i plug everything in? Is there a jumper i have to set to get it to boot or something? Is there something different you have to do with the nf7-s? Also, I've just been plugging in the 'power-on' wire to the power switch on the case. That's all i need right? Thanks



May 14, 2003
Indiana Cornfield
You could try reading some reviews at different pc hardware sights some of them are very informative in helping to find solutions to MOBO problems.

I know this particular board does not like high dollar ram throw some cheap ram at it and see what happens. plus I know they just came out with a new beta BIOS for this board.

Oh yea after you put the cheap ram in and it posts you can take it out and put the high dollar back in and it will post and should work flawlessly


Apr 21, 2003
Meaning if you didnt ground it the mobo could have shorted. Or if you didnt ground ur self ( touch psu) static electricity might have messed it up.


Aug 27, 2001
Chico CA
jhbball said:
Also, I've just been plugging in the 'power-on' wire to the power switch on the case. That's all i need right? Thanks


I know this may seem pretty basic, but have you hooked up your power connectors to the mobo??? Judging from the sound of the above quoted question, it occurred to me that you may not have power connected to the board...The "power on" wire will only work to power up your rig from the power button on the case IF you have the power hooked up from the PSU to the mobo connectors...Sorry if it is a dumb question, but it would explain alot of the problems you're having... ;)


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Kent, UK
Are you sure it's the board causing problems?

Did you try to power up with just CPU <EDIT> & HS/fan </edit>, speaker, *BOTH*(P4 & ATX) PSU leads, and power switch connected.

Did you try a new CPU?

Is it a case of "lights on, but no-ones home"? Do the fans spin up, or does it just sit there in a daze?

Have you got the power switch connected up to the right place on the board?

All stuff you should try before RMAing anything...


Apr 10, 2003
Tallinn, Estonia
When you plug in the ATX conectors and plug the psu into the wall a small red light should glow in the bottom right hand corner of the board.

Does yours?

I highly doubt that its the motherboards that are dead. Try your other components including the PSU in another computer to make sure they all work