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Input on this water block

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Mar 4, 2001
Shelby Township, MI.
Well im hooked on this water cooling.But I want to make everything on my own So I have been working on this drawing for a water block.Its just in the rough stages right now. I plan to take a piece of copper block and splitting it down the middle with my Wire Machine and then milling out the form Through the center of each piece. Then putting it back together.Im thinking with JB weld but im not sure yet, then drilling the holes to mount it direct to
the mob, then Grinding it all Square and lapping the bottom.
What do you think?
i would want more area with water in it.... the more contact area inside the waterblock for the water to touch, the better.... i would either go the route of the maze, or preferably go multi channel.....
that looks like an excellent design(the second one). Before you go out milling and all, you might want to consider just buying danger den's new maze block, will be easier, maybe not as fun though.
Thanks Dunno, Yeah it would be easier to buy. But I think it will be fun to make the block myself, just to see if I can get some really good results and the satisfaction to say I did it myself

Thanks again
you are going to have to do it at a mill shop though, no way you can drill that at home! Best of luck to you!
I think you should have a bigger chamber right over the die with no dead spots like your second design. Your first design looks good except maybe widen the area right over the die.
So TT120 you think if I take my first drawing and maybe widen the whole
path through the block , It would be enough water flow to keep it cool?

I think you should copy the design of the Danger Den MAZE 2 copper block. Bring the water in the top, right over the CPU die, and have it circle around it as many times as possible. What do you guys think?
Resqme (May 06, 2001 09:26 p.m.):
So TT120 you think if I take my first drawing and maybe widen the whole
path through the block , It would be enough water flow to keep it cool?

Try to have as little dead copper as you can, maybe at least widen it right over the die. Wish I could draw, I'd show ya what I mean. I like my maze 2 where the water comes in directly over the die then winds it's way around and out.
I once saw one that instead of having one channel it had 2 smaller parrallel channels. This put a wall in the middle of the water flow, increasing the surface area. The two channels were then joined at the ends for the nipple to be attached.
After a few moments I remembered where I saw that "dual channel" waterblock. It was on our own overclocker.com home page. Go to water cooling and it is listed as "My waterblock". I think this is a great way to increase surface area and wish I had access to a milling machine.
I can't draw, but my idea has always been this.

Seems the best cooling is for the cold water to come right down from the top of the block to the die. Almost all the best blocks have this design.

now how about (since it's square) a return line in each corner of the block which joins back to a single output?

Even an empty block or something with "fins" in an X shape over the die? Gawd I wished I could draw......but I'll try anyway.......

The X would be fins.........the circle in the middle would be the inlet. The cold water would blow over the X or fins for cooling and would escape over the 4 exit holes which would combine to one larger hose right after.

Dunno.....my Imperial design....but too lazy to make one. You have a machine shop, give it a try. Oh....and make it out of copper if you can....far better than alum..........

Shadow, You defaintly have the plan,And i can draw,going to try drawing up something on what you just specified. Sounds like a great idea, And along with everybody elses input , maybe come up with a great water block
I will post drawings as i go along Shadow, and let me know how it is looking

Thanks again