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Inputs on a homebuilt

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Dec 18, 2000
Building an "economy" computer for a friend. Already have, case, monitor, usb mouse, keyboard, hard drive... I've also read the primers provided by this site (very helpful) and built a couple of 800 t-birds on A7V boards of my own. What I need is input on an inexpensive "good" (please forgive me!!!!) integrated mobo. Money is the issue here not high end performance... as long as it can play games better than his Gateway 166. Hoping to spend less than $275.00 on mobo, AMD cpu and 1 stick of pc100 ram.
Epox makes a board with integrated sound and multiplier adjustments. It sells OEM for about $100. Throw in a V3 2000($65) and you got a "cheap" gateway killer (after some minor OCing of all OCable components) The V3 2000 comes without a HSF so you will need to attatch an old Socket7 heatsink. I could throw a complete system based around this for $500 (minus monitor). A good deal in my book.
Thanx for the iput. I assume the V3 2k is the video card. If he's not going to be playing quake and such will I really need to attatch a hsf to it? Is the board a slot or socket? And where can I get it?

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They have a board in both slot and
socket. The slot a board does not have
cpu multiplier control because you have to do that w/ a GFD on the cpu.
You don't have to put a HSF on the
the v3 2000 but it is a simple mod to make and is endorsed by 3dfxon there