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Instabilty with Intel 13th/14th flagship cpus in some games (unreal engine+)

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That's a good question...

I don't think it's as rampant as some may think. It's limited to flagship-class processors (a small part of sales) I thought, and I'm not sure if any B series (where you can't overclock and limits are more frequently closer to/match Intels in the first place) have the issue. That said, most users buying flagship-type CPUs aren't buying B series mobos either so.

Also, it doesn't happen to everyone all the time. I played Forknife on/off for the last year and I don't recall crashing before a couple of months ago. Too many things have changed on my side (Windows/driver updates to name two bigguns') to even try to pin it down from here. That said, when changing it to the Intel Base Spec SVID, I did not crash last night whereas the last several weeks it has been unplayble with multiple CTD (crash to desktop) over the course of 2 hours.
xx900k CPUs are not going to be that common in the wider picture, and not all of them may be affected. If you count OEM systems, what little I've seen of them, they tend to be minimalistic too. So it is more on enthusiast self builds and smaller boutique builders that could be affected.