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Install Gladiator on Asus Help!

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an Asus CUSL2-C and an OCZ Gladiator HSF (36cfm). I can't seem to get the heatsink on right. I got it on once but I don't think it was mounted right because the temps were 10C above my Alpha PAL6035. How do I install this? Do you think the capacitors near my socket make the space available too small for the clip?
I had a CUSL2-C for a couple of days recently. 'Fraid I didn't have a Gladiator for it. A FOP fit just fine, but that's probably no help. If the caps get in the way, you can bend them a LITTLE bit. If it's still a no-go, the Gladiator will just have to wait for a mainboard it will fit on. Sorry about that.
I have a GLADIATOR/DELTA running good on a CUSL2. Are u putting it on with the fan on? don't ok it only makes harder. What i did was to put the clip on the back by the capacitors first nice & easy ok. Then i put the one on the front with a little force and your done. Take any memory dimms off too before u do this. Also what i did i got DS foam tape that can squeezed down when the HS is put on. I cut triangles pcs for each corner to help u with stability when putting HS on. I only peeled off one side of DS tape.

P!!!800@1GHZ CCO 1.7v
I just installed one, on an a7a266..very snug fit..
I actually had to put the clips on backwards from what they recommend (clip by the cords on first)

hope this helps
which part of the clip did you put on frirst. the regular looking side or the side that looks like it has a little lever on it? and also, you said you reversed the clip? thanks