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Installed Swiftech MC462A...

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Feb 2, 2001
Delray Beach FL
Finally got a chance after waiting a few weeks. This is on a 1.2 TB running at 1.2 because it had the stock fan. It was running around 59C when gaming and is now down to 45C, so that is a huge drop. The room is running around 80F so that is a contributing point. A little AC will knock it down even more.

It does have the Delta fan and rheostat and I am running it turned down somewhat so it could be even cooler. It isn't that loud but it does tend to be annoying. Sort of like having an electric razor on inside the case. Since there are up to three other computers running in a small room, it doesn't really add that much noise. And I can just turn on the TV or stereo!

I was pretty surprised how easy the 462A went on. I only delayed installing it because taking out a MB is always cause for caution. But the thing really went on easily and everything worked when it went back together. That almost never happens!

Well it will certainly get me through the summer. Now to crank up the fan and fsb and multiplier...
I put a longer shaft rheostat on mine, that sticks far enough out of the front of the case so I could put a knob on it. I turned it down for simple PC usage and up when I needed the extra cooling. Under the desk, it's was not that obnoxious at lower speeds. Glad to see it worked out for you.

Good job!!
You might want to start looking at case cooling now! Feeding the MC462 direct cold air from outside the case helped me drop the temp quite a bit. I cut a hole in the case (if you dont want to cut holes stop reading now) next to the MC462 for a 92 mm case fan. I then installed the case fan and added a 3'' pipe made from carton to direct the outside air onto the MC462, the pipe helped to ensure that less than 1/2'' was between the pipe and the HSF (MC462). This ensured the cold air to rush in on it. You might want to add a filter to keep dust out. I also added a 92 mm fan to the top of the case to ensure I got the air out as well. It helped me to stay at below 40c all the time 38C is what I get with load running a 1.33 AXIA @ 1.53. My room temp is 22C (A/C) which is about 72F.
So far my only case mod has been to cut out the stupid slots in the fan grids that block the airflow. This is only a mid-tower with one 80mm fan blowing in at the front bottom and the PS and an extra 80mm blowing out at the top rear. The only odd thing is that the extra rear fan is an AC one from Radio Shack that really sucks (in the good sense). Brushless I think (we already went through the AC/DC electrical noise debate some time in the past). I do want to check to see how the airflow is moving. Maybe if I can find some matches around to produce some smoke...

I would guess the case is running something of a vacuum at the moment since that rear fan is pretty strong. Maybe a small fan cut into the side and blowing on the CPU would be a good idea but I think a larger one would give the case problems in getting the hot air out? Hmm, but currently hardly any air moves out through the PS fan so... Ok, maybe just a teensy (60mm) side fan. That has to be a pain for removing that panel though. How do people deal with that?
Try flipping the two case fans around. In the back, out the front. My MC-462A loves this. That will net you a positive pressure also, to keep dust ingress to a single point.

Won't that create something of a short circuit between the two back fans? That actually might be ok if the CPU happens to be between them since some flow will still pass over the slots and down towards the front. I'm not too worried about heat rising with the air moving through these cases. That is pretty easy to try out.

What I also could do is move the AC fan to the front bottom blowing in and the other fan to the back blowing out. I considered that once but ran into two problems. First, the AC fan is too thick to fit in the front, at least in the provided cage. That can be modded though. Second, the AC power is coming right into the fan from the back, I would have to get it to the front and I don't think running an AC wire through the PC is too smart. Might cause interference on delicate parts?