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Installed VIA 4 in 1 4.31 and Crassssshhhhhh

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Dec 18, 2000
FYI everyone in case this is widespread instead of just me

I installed the 4.31 4 in 1 drivers ( from 4.27)

when I was playing UT my system rebooted itself and kept giving me windows protection errors until I unclocked my system from 900 back to 650

I have since reinstalled 4.27 4 in 1 drivers.

Duron 650
256mb PC-133 Ram
16mb TNT2 vid card
I could not get the 4.31's to install on my KT7-RAID. Gave me a 'registry' error when I tried to apply the drivers. Decided they are not worth the trouble, I don't use the IDE or RAID channels anyway.
Me too! I started to install them adn whamooo! anybody else using windows2000 sp2?
I just installed them last night. Helped alot with IRQ probs but now the system locks during a CD install. I have nothing sharing irq's so it must be the new 4in1 set. What was the best driver set to use .29, .30?
Delta blues LOL! Wow I didn't think you could run the 4.31 with windows 2000sp2 i'll try again.
Installed the new VIA drivers last night and now none of my games work. They get to the intro screen and........nothing...lockup. I am running win2k w/sp2. Going to try and re-install them, getting a cube of Mountain Dew if they don't! (gonna be a long night).

Athlon 800 Tbird @ 987 mhz
Asus A7V
256 PC 133
FSB 104 X9.5
Globalwind FOP 38
MSI NVidia Geforce GTS2 32
(p.o.s. soundblaster 128 bit sound card)
is this problem just with the win2k???
i`ve just did a fresh install on winme and it is great.....
did not even have to install the 686B patch...
it is more stable.....

i installed them as well thinking that maybe there will be some improvements, but instead i got random freezes under win2k even at idle! my rock stable pc wasnt rock stable anymore. I got back to the old 4.29, and nothing much changed apart that is it rock stable again.
(oh by the way i hve a TB 890, KT7, GTS, 40Gig quantum fireball as...)

basically if your pc is very stable i dont really think there is a need to upgrade.
This probably wont help you out much but its still good to know. I just got a Visiontek Geforce 2 Ultra, and was having a hell of a time installing it. I was reinstalling everything over and over and over again (even windows!!). I Finally reformated, installed everything and got the same problem before the reformat. The card worked, I could bump up the resolution on my desktop to far past standerd VGA capabilites, but I couldnt do anything 3d, like games or what not. So after reformating and still having the same problem I was trying to fix, a friend asked if I ever installed the 4in1 drivers. I had not even thought about updating my motherboard drivers, so I gave the new drivers a try, and what do you know, everything works flawlessly. Not a single bug yet, so I am very pleased with the 4in1 drivers.

I am on a Shuttle AV-11 which uses the Via Apollo Pro drivers, (yes a pentium board in the amd section plz forgive me! lol)