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Installing a 6035

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Feb 2, 2001
I just bought an Alpha Pal6035 and I can't seem to figure out how the installation is supposed to go... the instructions are pretty vague and don't really help at all. I got the clip between the fins of the heat sink, but the actual clips on the ends don't reach the processor slot. The only way to fix that would be to bend the clip down, which would pull upward on the slot (I thought I read somewhere that you weren't supposed to do that.) Any links or advice would be nice, thanks.

I also don't really know how or where I'm supposed to apply this arctic silver....
You can't read Japanese? What's this forum coming to? Why, when I was a... (smiley face)

But seriously, the Alpha instructions sheets leave much to be desired. First, you gotta figure out the right way to orient the spring-wire clip. It's been awhile since I assembled a 6035. The 6035 has six-sided or octangular pins, if I remember right.

Line up the heatsink with the cardinal points of the compass. When you're looking at the HS from above
the clip may not line up the same way when running East-West as it does North-South. When you slip the shroud down over the HS, the slots in the shroud to accommodate the clip the may only line up properly with the clip in an East-West or N-S position. If you're using the 6035 on a PIIIE or CII, four little(provided) feet should be stuck inside the circles "printed" for them on the copper inset. If it's on a Duron or T-Bird, forget the feet. If it is on an AMD CPU---be extra careful not to chip the processor while mounting the HS!

Carefully dry-fit the HS before going for the gold. There are lugs for the HS clip only on two opposite sides of the S370, or Socket A. When the clip is centered properly in the pins and the shroud slips down as far is it can(and the slots in the shroud accommodate the spring-wire clip) without forcing it, and the two ends of the clip line up with the lugs on the Socket, you're ready for action.

The diagram that comes on the instruction sheet does indicate how the clip should be on the HS. The "V" should point down.

Clean the top of the glass slug that is the processor itself with rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip or clean rag, do the same with the copper area on the bottom of the heatsink. The AS shouldn't be touched by a finger, btw. Let the isopropyl alcohol(aka methylated spirits in the British part of the world) dry.

Squeeze out a blob of the AS the size of a cardboard match-head on to the middle of the little glass slug. Using a small piece of cardboard, the end of a playing card or a modeller's "0" or "000" small paintbrush, spread the AS so that it covers the top of the CPU. You want a uniform layer 1/1000th of an inch thick. Try as I do, I haven't reached this level of perfection. Just put the thermal paste on as thinly as you can without leaving bare spots.

With the HS assembled, carefully put it in the right position. Hover over the Socket until it's lined up properly. Once you settle the HS, try to keep it stationary while you catch one end of the clip on the lugs on one side. Then "catch" the other end of the clip on the lugs on the opposite side of the Socket. The Alpha clips bend quite a bit during this process. They're supposed to.

Then screw the fan to the top of the HS. If it's a Delta 38, use a 3 to 4 pin adapter to plug it into the main power Molex "daisy chain." Don't worry about monitoring the rpm. Your ears will inform you if the Delta is spinning or not. Happy cooling!