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Installing a new HDD

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Jun 5, 2004
I found a hard drive lying around from an old computer, decided some more storage would be nice.

Even now I realise the error of my ways; like a fool I got the hard drive, connected it to the power and connected it to the IDE ribbon cable.

My computer then got very upset, and for a few times when it was switched on it displayed the flashing DOS cursor in the top left and that was it. I removed the new hard drive... after that it decided it didn't want to POST anymore, no BIOS beep...

After leaving it sit for 5 mins and some more rebooting I have managed to get it running how it was before.

What did I miss installing the new drive?

P.S. the new drive was fairly new, and it was formatted so had no data on it whatsoever, no operating system. The only thing I can think of at present is that when the drive was connected the computer recongnised it as the master, and tried to boot from it, and then when I removed it the computer thought it had no hard drive at all...

Could anyone help please?


May 5, 2004
England, Yorkshire
It could have been that both drives were set to Master on the Jumpers, PCs don't like two primary masters.

Thats all i can think


Jun 5, 2004
Ah yes... jumpers.

It turns out the new drive was set to master as well; I changed the jumpers and all is good now.