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Installing Blow Holes

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Jun 6, 2001
I'm looking to install about 3 blow holes in my case and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what size/type of fan I should purchase as well as some nice looking fan grills :) any links for purchasing products would be great too... thx.
If you have the room, 120mm fans would be the absolute best. They are quieter and move lots of air. I have 2 as blowholes and one on the side cooling all of my cards. I got the Sunon 120mm that move 68.7 CFM. I like them. Quiet and move plenty of air. Did I mention quiet?
Like KaHNZa said the bigger the better. Larger fans don't need to spin as fast to shift the same amount of air, as they spin slower they are quieter, which is good if you've tried a delta before!!

Note on blow hole installation:
Don't make the same mistake I did! Make sure that when you've put the fan inside the case the whole thing will go back together. I stripped my case out, put an 80mm fan in the top, then found the Power supply wouldn't fit back in. Ooops! Measure and measure again. Then check once more!
Hey guys, thanks for the help I ended up buying 3 92mm fans as the 120mm wouldn't fit too well in my case unfortunately... I need some fan grills though and can't find any in town so any links to some grills would be greatly appreciated as well if possible Canadian sites so I can get them shipped quickly but I know that's probably asking alot :p Thanks again...
Get some filters for your grills. You won't regret it. Sorry I don't know of a Canadian retailer.