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Installing Windows xp On 2016 Desktop

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Apr 28, 2017
Kingdom of SA
Hello Everyone !!! ......
My name is Ahmad and I am glad to be a member of your site >>....:clap::clap:

I have problem on my new desktop i bought it two weeks ago The computer Specifications are :
Processor Intel core i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz Code Name : Skylake
Motherboard : Manufacturer HP Model 2B5E Chipset: Skylake
Memory : 4GB ram Type DDR4
GPU : Intel HD Graphics 530

I tried over and over and over to install windows xp on it but i :confused:couldn't :confused:also ....

I tried to add the Sata driver AHCI to windows xp installation in the end the process failed:mad::mad: and showed blue screen
in addition in the bios there is one sata option Just AHCI last night i tried another sata driver and i added it to windows installation and i .....
kept pressing F6 key tel the setup welcome screen came i was very happy:D:D:D at that time hahahah !!! but the keyboard not working at all ....
i tried so many keyboards i tried over and over and over again but i couldn't !!!!

I hope there is someone is quite good to solve this problem ......
Windows XP is not compatible with Skyake technology. Even if you could get it installed there would be no chipset drivers for the hardware.
Thank you c627627 for your consideration i have been tried your methods step by step it was very useful but the keyboard is stuck when i get
that screen says : "welcome to windows xp press enter to set up " i couldn't know what to do then !!! any ideas please !!
You should know there are severe limitations to this.
Your keyboard is probably a USB keyboard and since there are no motherboard drivers for WinXP, your onboard sound, USB etc. will not work.
So there are limited things that will work but 100% every day use is not exactly possible... So if this is a primary OS, you are really better off just buying Windows 7/8/10.

If you want to do this for fun, then start by getting a PS/2 keyboard and get ready for a lot of time consuming problems to be solved...
Not impossible but very time consuming.
Okay but .... i don't have a PS/2 port if I bought (Bus powered PS/2-to-USB adapter) will work ?????
Also ... the keyboard is completely working during the installation like when i press F6 For drivers or
S for specific floppy drive it work just fine but when the installation starts when that screen says "Setup is Starting windows "
after that message the keyboard become stuck and i can't press enter to setup but before that it's completely working .
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Before we go on, I need to make sure you really understand what is going on:
There are no motherboard drivers for Windows XP, so even if you install this, which will take a lot of things to figure out, no motherboard drivers means, that there will be no things like onboard sound or onboard LAN (internet)...
Things of this nature will not work, so just because you can boot into Windows XP, you will not be able to fully use Windows XP like you can Windows 7/8/10 from the beginning under Skylake...

I just wanted to make sure you understand that, what is the reason you are doing this, because we don't want you to spend many hours or days to get to a point where Windows XP may be installed but you find out the hard way you need to have extra parts, like a LAN card, PS/2 keyboard, additional drivers specific for your motherboard, it's a very long and involved process, and costly if you don't have the parts.

So the time and money involved would be justified if there is a good reason, otherwise there is no way around Windows 7/8/10... which by the way can be made to look like Windows XP, look at my Windows 10 with Windows XP buttons:


I even designed this Windows XP Start Menu button from scratch for Windows 8/10 so ever since Windows 8, my Start Menu looked just like Windows XP:
[It's not the best looking Start Button and Start Menu but it was a project just to make Windows 8.0 as usable as Windows XP for people who like buttons and menus]:

well .... Thank you c627627 for your help you are really a Humble man but i am doing this because someone challenges me to install this system on this board !!
and i am entirely free i don't care how much does it costs but at the and the system works even if the system has a problems thank you both gentlemen i hope
i didn't waste your times but i am still trying to install this system .
Okay. I have done it on Skylake Asus motherboard using Asus files I downloaded from here:

My motherboard has a PS/2 port. I do not know if PS/2 is required. I think if I wanted to use USB, I would have to do so through a PCI USB card under Windows XP on Skylake.
I have no sound, because there are no motherboard drivers for Windows XP so there is no onboard sound or onboard LAN.
So a sound card must be used and a LAN card too.
I remember reading about enabling USB but have not done it myself since I wanted to install Windows XP myself for purposes other than to access the internet or play sound.
I know people can access the internet through a LAN card.

Your first thing should be to find out if PS/2 keyboard is required for Windows XP installation or not?
You may need to try unplugging the keyboard and mouse and then re-plugging them back and enabling legacy settings in your motherboard BIOS, if they are there.
Hello people again .......\

I tried a lot of methods again what is I tried are :

1- I tried to find any thing on the bios screen i tried every thing till i saved them into my brain there no legacy USB port at all there was a legacy mode and it was already enable .

2- I added some USB driver into the installation file but it's the same and i did unplug the keyboard several times and the screen still the same .

3- I bought i PS\2 converter with old keyboard and it's still the same .

What I figured out :
The Num Lock and caps lock when the setup screen comes the those keys become stuck and even the lights don't change .

I hope someone found something about this cause I tried a lot

solutions solutions solutions solutions
Okay. If this is just for fun,
Do you have access to the CD drive, if so have you tried installing from CD as well as USB, do you know how to create a CD?

Have you integrated the Service Packs?
Of course That's the first this i did it and i used that program nlite i downloaded it from intel website the (AHCI) drivers i tried several and many versions of the
(AHCI) drivers but it's the same